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Greetings Everyone,

Do you remember back in August I asked for prayer for a Leaders’ Meeting in Rossel Island re control of the Bible College land? It’s been an ongoing saga but we believe we have a breakthrough. The original meeting went well but some of the key people involved weren’t able to get there because of the continual bad weather.

We went to Yonga Bay where the Bible College is, held a second leaders’ meeting there, also inviting the landowners who had originally donated the land for the Bible College in 1995. They re-affirmed that decision and Phil surveyed the land and drew up a document to be signed by the clan leaders. Today we heard that the final signature required, that of the rebel former pastor who had caused the leadership confusion, had been obtained — a major breakthrough and hopefully a solving of the problem.

Phil did an excellent job combining firmness and diplomacy. I know some of you find that hard to believe — but it’s true.

Land ownership is becoming a major problem, especially as regards church land. In the past, word of mouth was sufficient but now documentation is required and many churches are facing the threat of losing their land. Therefore, wherever we go, Phil is doing a land survey using a hand-held GPS and drawing up clan agreement documents, having them signed and laminated and providing copies for all parties. The church leaders are very grateful for this service and the security it brings.

On the lighter side, we took the Rossel youth group .. a new record of 36 on board .. for a sail around to West Point for a picnic PNG style. I’ve got a charming set of photos which we are busy putting together to show you on our return. You will certainly notice some differences in style but it’s the same sky-larking and sense of fun as young people anywhere and we had a good time in spite of the occasional downpours.

We left Rossel on Friday with many tears of farewell and the rain still pouring down.

God bless you all,

Pam and Phil

PS Phil’s original sore has healed. He has another small one and is watching it like a hawk and doing incredible hopping antics to get from the dinghy to the shore without getting it wet .. much to the delight of the locals. He has also got a “Granny-stick”. Hmm!!


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700 viewings

It took 13 months on this new improved blog based website to get to 500 viewings. We posted that article in July.

Since then, in the last month or so, we have seen another 200 viewings, bringing the current stats to 700 viewings.

Over the next few weeks we will be building up a series of pages showing waypoints and local knowledge on passages and anchorages. We hope that this might be of assistance to yachties sailing in the area.

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Greeting Everyone,

Today the sun came out and stayed there all day!!!! (first time for two months).  We are in an isolated area in a deep bay called Walanga Bay on the North Coast of Rossel.  We haven’t been here before and sailed here picking our way  through various bombies to anchor in about 15 metres of water close to the mangroves.  The people here are incredibly open.  One older man has already promised to provide land for a church building so his grandchildren can hear about Jesus.  Yesterday Pastor Sigi and the team went by dinghy to the next bay where the people were much less receptive and one woman came out and abused them.  Earlier the people there had burnt down the school building after some disagreement with the school teacher who had become a Christian.

Meanwhile, back on the boat we had a constant stream of visitors from two little boys at 6 am to a flotilla of paddling canoes in the middle of the day — Phil said the boat looked like a marina berth — to several men staying to talk after dark. At one stage we had over twenty on board, firstly curious to see inside the boat, then sitting up on deck while I went through “The Two Ways” (Matthew 7:13-14) and then staying to watch the DVD “How Great is Our God” — all crammed in like sardines in front of our computer.  Many were really challenged and several are shaping up as potential leaders.  We’ve given out about twenty Bibles here as many people didn’t have one.  It’s quite a poor area and we’ve also left some clothing and material for teaching Sunday School.

There’s a young couple, Jeremiah and Esther, from the south coast willing to come here and live with the people and disciple them.  It’s great to be here at the beginning seeing the work open up. Pray that it continues to do so.  This area never gives in without a battle.

Today, weather permitting, we will continue further east to Jinjo.  We need clear weather to make our way through the reefs and get some workable waypoints.  So far it’s looking good.

Pleas pray for Phil.  He has a sore on his foot whish is the beginnings of a tropical ulcer and is resisting healing.

God bless you all,

Pam and Phil

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