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Greetings Everyone, HAPPY EASTER!!!! 

We are enjoying the beautiful weather (well up until today as it has been raining all day) in Bundaberg and the fellowship of the local church. 

The repairs to the boat are going ahead but not as rapidly as we would like.  The new cockpit dodger is underway and Phil is scraping paint, shifting winches and pulling his hair out.  He unscrewed all the winches and it poured rain at 1.30 in the night giving us a multitude of sprays like a shower nozzle so he was up on deck in his raincoat with the silicon gun plugging up holes.  We are booked to slip and antifoul the boat on 4th and 5th May and hope to be packed up and ready to leave not long after that — weather and boat repairs permitting.

I’ve been getting teaching notes ready for a leadership seminar this year and unscrambling 36 flannelgraph sets in preparation for teaching story telling techniques to the Sunday School teachers. An interlude for us will be a trip to Brisbane next weekend for the Queensland State Gideon Convention. The boat is rapidly filling up with stuff and I face the perennial problem of where to put everything.  Phil says I’m a whinger!! 

May your spirit be refreshed by the realisation of all that Easter means. 

God bless you all, 

Pam and Phil


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