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Greetings Martin,

Re the questions in your e-mail —- The PNG authorities are usually not very happy if yachts arrive without a visa as the local customs are not able to issue a visa and all the paperwork, including the passports, have to be sent to Port Moresby.  With the postal system in PNG this is not recommended and the turn-around time can be very long.

Misima is not now a clearance port even though the PNG web site probably still says it is.  The customs left there in 2004.  The nearest customs port is Samarai or Alotau.

Some yachts travelling from the Solomons or other eastern ports often spend a few weeks in the Louisiades without even clearing in.  Very rarely are there any problems but the risk is always there.

Regarding the Louisiades themselves, there is no problem with the locals — no “rascal” problems.  If you are coming from the east then Rossel Island is a good landfall.  Then you could travel via Snake Passage (Goldrush Channel on the chart) to the rest of the Calvados chain of islands.  There is no need to go to Misima at all if you want to by-pass the administrative area.

We will be over there early to mid June and usually listen to the Sheila net on 8161 khz at 0800 hrs PNG time.  If you call in to it we could give you more up-to-date info then.

God bless,



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Greetings Everyone,

I’m reading “Waiting on God” by Andrew Murray — AGAIN.  It seems as if this time every year I need a new lesson in patience as we wade through all the holdups to actually setting sail.

Pleas pray for the current ones:-
1)For Wal to finish building the dodger (cockpit cover) stage 1.
2)For stage 2 and 3 the metal work to support the roof at the back and the side curtains.  Each require another tradesman.  Pray that we will find skilled tradesmen who can get the job done promptly and will be available as needed.
3)For Wal to build and attach the roof and side boxes.
4)For Phil to reroute the wiring, cleats, winches and other things that now require to be in different places.

Pray also for Wal and his wife.  Phil has been staying with them and assisting Wal with the building.  I told him the only good thing that I see can come from all the delays is their conversion!

However, none of these take God by surprise.  I really do believe He orders our ways and that we will go when the time is right.

Oh well.  Back to Andrew Murray ….

God bless you all,

Pam and Phil

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