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Greetings Everyone,

A bang and a splash —- the start to 2010 preparations for our 9th trip to PNG.  We arrived in Bundaberg on Saturday morning just in time to rescue our boat as it floated down the river.  The Burnett River is in flood with huge quantities of water hycinth weed choking the surface.  Practically all the boats on moorings have come adrift with a domino effect on the ones behind.

Maranatha was doing well until Saturday morning when two other drifting vessels uprooted its mooring and slowly took it downstream complete with their moorings. One of the other boat’s anchors snagged the mooring line of a fishing boat that was rafted to another fishing boat and everyone came to a halt.  Phil was able to cut the mooring lines and extract us from the sandwich, motor across the raging river and anchor in the more peaceful water (relatively) on the mud flats further downstream.  I think we were the only vessel to escape with no damage apart from a few paint scratches on the topsides, and as we intended to repaint the topsides this year that is not a problem.  We also had to cut away our mooring lines which will have to be replaced.

We must now exercise patience waiting for the waters to subside so we can start the multitude of tasks needing to be done.  At the moment we are living in the van as the river is too strong for us to dinghy back and forth.

Please pray for wisdom for Phil in all the repairs and maintenance jobs to be done and give thinks with us for God’s protective hand over us.  Nearly all the other 20 odd vessels in the area received damage.

With a start like this it must be going to be another productive year in PNG.

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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