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This link shows footage of yacht Maranatha aground on Oaks Beach, just south of the mouth of the Burnett River. The video goes to the online Bundaberg newspaper News Mail. It runs for 2:44.

Due to technical limitations we can provide a link only. We are not able to embed the video at this time.



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On the night of Australia Day, Saturday 26th of January 2013, Maranatha was anchored in 4 metres of water, upstream of the sugar terminal at Bundaberg in the Burnett River with 50 metres of chain and a 40 kg Rocna anchor. That night the river rose sharply peaking about 9. 56 metres on Tuesday 29th. Maranatha was dragged downstream in the rising flood waters and out through the river heads. She then drifted south coming to rest on Oaks Beach, Burnett Heads. At this stage she is on her side on the beach. Here is an email from Phil Hogg who is a friend.

Hi Phil and Pam,

Your yacht is not looking to good but is repairable depending on if they can get her out without damage and whether the vandals leave her alone. Luckily she is in a high profile spot.

The starboard underside is stove in for over 1/2 the length. Mostly below the waterline. I am 99% sure that there is a crack/tear/hole under her where I cannot get under enough to see. This is where I believe water is getting in (and draining) with tide action.

The hatch above your bed was wide open but I don’t believe anyone has been below. I did go below and took some photos. I pulled the hatch cover over.

There is approx 30 meters of chain, from the bow roller to where it ends in a standard link. There is no sign of stretching of the chain nor any abnormal marking on the last link.

The rudder stock is in place. The bolts have shorn at the top flange. The bottom strut is badly twisted and torn. The port side keel looks fine. The starboard side keel is inaccessible. I didn’t think to look around for the rudder but at low tide tomorrow if I have free time I will have a look for it. As it could have hit the rocks squarely on the lower bearing point nearby it may be in the vicinity.

The liferaft rations were on her lower side deck along with the coursemaster cover and a pair of sunglasses. These I bought home as most likely they would be washed away with the next tide.

Inside is mostly dry.What gear is lying on the sole near the alleyway, galley and settee (starboard side sole area) is wet and there was water at the bottom of the under settee stowage compartment. It has been high and dry for I would imagine 6 to 8 hours.

All the electronics appear to be on the high side and look OK.

Maranatha is lying leaning towards the shore over 20 meters out from the bank. I don’t believe that there is a crane in Bundaberg that would have a reach long enough to lift that much weight but may be wrong. Also to lift her from there would necessitate the removing of at least one of the foreshore trees.

The rigging looks fine and the sails are secure. Inside the cockpit enclosure everything looked OK. I did not go in there.

I did take many close up photos of both inside and out of all the above mentioned areas but cannot get this computer to recognise the camera. Will work on it later and send when I can.

Regards Phil Hogg
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Burnett Heads
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Ph: 07 4159 4982

View of Maranatha lying on her starboard side, on rocks at Oaks Beach, Burnett Heads. Photo courtesy of Phil Hogg.

View of Maranatha lying on her starboard side, on rocks at Oaks Beach, Burnett Heads. Photo courtesy of Phil Hogg.


Google Earth screen grab showing approximate path of Maranatha in Bundaberg flood 2013.

Screen grab from Google Earth showing the approximate path of Maranatha pushed downstream from her anchorage just upstream of the Bundaberg Sugar Mill to her approximate resting place on Oaks Beach, Burnett Heads. At some point along that journey she lost her rudder and tore a hole in the port side above the water line.

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Note from the editor:  Maranatha has been swept downriver in the Queensland floods. She is currently on a beach outside the Burnett River being smashed by large waves. It is not known if she is salvageable. More news will be coming tomorrow when I speak with the Skipper.

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Greetings Everyone,

Please pray. We are on the Central Coast of NSW and our boat is on anchor in the Burnett River and major flooding is forecast. Roads are cut and the water is rising. Pray for the boats safety and wisdom for Phil and what course of action he should take. We had been monitoring the weather forecasts and predicted river heights and all seemed OK until this morning when the forecasts went from “below minor flooding” yesterday afternoon to ” higher than 2010 levels” his morning.

God bless,

Pam and Phil

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