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Greetings Everyone,

We’ve hit an obstacle as regards boat repairs. In order to make access to weld in the new metal plating on the starboard side the three water tanks and the fuel tank have to come out. They are securely fixed under the floor boards with all the saloon area furnishing securely fixed on top. It’s quite a major work and the marina is quoting 500 hours at $100 an hour just for the labour on that and a further $60,000 for the metal work. The trouble is there is no competition for the marina and after the flood they have miles of work.

The assessor has gone to negotiate prices with them and we are going to see if a builder friend in Bundy can tackle the task at a much lower cost. Please pray for the whole situation and for us as to how to proceed. We have looked at some other boats for sale and it’s hard to find a steel boat in good condition fitted out to our needs and (not) just for luxury cruising.

We will keep you informed.

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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