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Greetings Everyone,

Please Pray. We are still facing constant frustration over our ongoing insurance claim. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster for us. The marina has submitted impossibly high claims, topping $175,000 for the repairs. The insurance company is not happy with that but not wanting to pay us out either and trying to reduce the costs on both fronts. We were told unofficially two weeks ago that it had been written off so we started looking for alternatives, then yesterday that there has been no decision.

We are torn between wanting Maranatha repaired and back in the water — the damage though expensive is not that bad and should be repaired — or alternatively buying an Australian registered boat in Turkey (the wife died and the husband wants to sell) and sail it home via the Panama and the Pacific. It is almost identical to Maranatha and fitted out exactly as we would need for our work and we would be happy to go that way. A new “problem” is that if we buy it overseas, even though it is an Australian boat we have to pay about 15% impost duty when we arrive. All we want is a final outcome, a just settlement, a good boat which meets our ministry needs and God’s direction on which way to go.

Keep praying.

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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