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Greetings Everyone,

Why did I say “Disasters make the best stories”? Coming home we had two disasters (me thinks she exaggerates a bit, typist) with our air flights — not the type that causes crashes but time and money frustrations.

We flew from southern Turkey to Istanbul and had a nine hour wait for our flight to Israel. We fronted up to the check-in three hours before our flight to Israel only to be told that we were at the wrong airport and that with the Istanbul traffic we would not get to the other airport in time. No-one had told us that there were two airports in Istanbul and only this particular flight went from the other one. So at ten o’clock at night we had to arrange an hotel for the night. Fortunately we had allowed an extra day in Israel before our tour commenced so we didn’t miss out on any of it.

We had fabulous weather and an excellent guide, very passionate about his country. It is something very special to experience the places where Jesus lived — hard to convey without being there and too much to explain in an e-mail.

Flying home via London we had a 2.45am start from Tel Aviv and then a six hour wait at Heathrow. Eventually boarded the plane and it taxied out to the runway only to find the port side flaps were not working correctly. We sat on the plane for five hours while they tried to fix it and by that time the crew had run out of flying time so the flight was cancelled and they took us to an hotel for a late dinner (1.30am by this time) and to bed. We finally left London Friday night and arrived in Sydney Sunday morning.

It’s good to be back in Australia. Our plans are to stop on the Central Coast for a week and then go to my father’s for Christmas. Then we will go to Bundaberg to visit friends and to pick up some of our gear stored there to take back to the boat. We expect to be back on the Central Coast in February for the birth of our seventh grandchild and then go back to Turkey early in March.

We wish you all a happy and holy Christmas and hope to catch up with as many as possible in the New Year.

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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