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Greetings Everyone,

We have been privileged to be staying with our son Tim and his wife for the birth of their second daughter, Catherine Jane and to be able to spend time with this 7th grandchild before leaving Australia. She is very cute and will be a 2yr old toddler by the time we return.

Phil has had a second laser surgery to his retina to finish repairing the two tears in it. The specialists say it is fixed now but he will continue to have some of the dark “floaters” in his eye. These may dissolve over time.

We are now trying to pack four suitcase-fulls of gear into two (weight limit 30 kgs each person) — boat gear, winter clothes, food, books, etc. It is like trying to cart water up hill in a sieve.

We leave the Central Coast on Thursday for a couple of days in Sydney with Phil’s Aunt then fly out to Turkey on Saturday. The weather in Marmaris is 4 to 17 degrees at the moment — not impressed!!

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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