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Greetings Everyone,

We returned to Australia and I had a month nursing my Dad at his home.  He made a remarkable recovery and seemed to be holding his own so we made plans to return to Tunisia.  We had the usual long tiring hours of flight and then a train trip down to Monastir.  On the way the train collided with a car at a level crossing.  We heard a loud bang and a cloud of dust was thrown up and the train stopped.  No-one made any announcements but after about an hour the train slowly made its way the short distance to the next town.  Again there were no announcements as to what was happening and after about another hour the rumour got around that the train wasn’t going any further.  We were all left to make our own way , dragging our luggage, for about a kilometer to the metro station where after another wait we caught the suburban train to Monastir arriving at 6pm after 42 hours travelling.

That night my Dad died peacefully in has bed just as he had always wanted to.  So now we are booked to go back home on Tuesday for the funeral — possibly on Monday 22nd and to see to Dad’s affairs.  I feel like a yo-yo being dropped into hot and cold water as we cross from 32 degrees in Tunisia to 10 degrees in Australia and back again.  Just as well God is controlling the string!!  We feel Him very much in control and thank Him for my Dad’s godly life and gentle death.

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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