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Greetings Everyone,

The wander has returned — loaded up with enough chocolate to open a shop!  Obviously he has indoctrinated a few of our friends with the theory that chocolate cures EVERYTHING.  As for me, Vuda Point Marina was a pleasant place to wait.  I mad a lot of friends — Emily, a Fijian woman with a huge hunger to know more about God; Christopher, a young German man whose vision is to work for renewal in the Lutheran Churches in Germany; a young woman yachtie with marriage problems who came to me for counselling; a whole village of Fijians where I taught Sunday School and enjoyed delicious Sunday lunches and a whole lot of others.

But I was glad to have Phil back and not to have to struggle with the batteries and the fridge and the electrical cord and all the other electrical things that went wrong with the electrician away; with getting off and on the boat with two metre tides giving huge steps to the jetty — and yes — I just missed him!! (  That’s good to know, typist).

We are now on the hard anti-fouling and planning to leave for Vanuatu on Monday, all being well.  Please continue to pray for Phil’s eye.  The doctor said the next six weeks are the critical time when it could re-detach.  Also, we still have the on-going problems with the HF radio modem which means no weather reports or communications when we are away from land, although Phil is hoping to arrange an HF sched with a friend in Gaynder (Qld) who will be able to give a weather report if he can get the contact going.  Hopefully once we get closer to Vanuatu the propagation will be OK for it.

God bless you all,

Pam and Phil


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Greetings Everyone,

Skipper’s Update??  Yes I’ve jumped ship and left the Admiral on board in Fiji.

Actually I flew to Sydney two weeks ago and went straight to the Sydney Eye Hospital and they admitted me to have the retina reattached.  As it had been two weeks since it started it had detached down to the macular and I couldn’t even read the big E at the top of the eye chart.

It was an interesting operation — they put two 1/2 mm probes in the white of the eye and sucked out the vitreous and another behind the detached retina to get out the fluid that had seeped in there.  Then they pushed the retina back into place and spot welded it there with laser.  Then they filled the eye with gas and I had to lie on my right side for two hours then my stomach for two then on my left side 24/7 for seven days with a ten minute break per hour maximum.  Felt like Ezekiel!!  All done with a local anesthetic — fascinating.  At first they thought I might get back 80% of my sight but when I went for a check-up last Monday they were hopeful for nearly 100%. I can’t fly until all the gas has been absorbed by my body and the eye as filled with liquid which could take another couple of weeks.  At the moment it is half full and it is like looking through a face mask at water level in the swimming pool — being able to see above the water and below the water and when I shake my head the water wobbles.

Meanwhile, Pam is being “gainfully employed” in Fiji.  The small community church she went to the first week got her teaching Sunday School and want her to do that every week while she is there.  Walking back from the church she got talking to a woman who invited her to the Pentecostal Church in the evening.  This woman is really hungry to get to know God and has had Pam around a number of times to give her some Bible teaching.

The marina runs cooking classes each Wednesday and at the first one she was asked what she does and happened to mention the Relationship (husband/ wife, parent/ child) seminars she did in PNG and since then has had a number of people to see her seeking counseling re their relationships; some in tears she said.

When we cleared into Fiji the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine officers came on the boat and they ended up staying over 1 1/2 hrs while we challenged them to get serious with God — they said they went to church but that they didn’t really know God.  The result was they didn’t do any checking of the boat and forgot to change the month on their visa stamp and when I came to fly out I discovered we had already “overstayed” our visa by one month!!  More paper-work to sort it out.  Never a dull moment.

God bless you all,

Phil (and Pam)

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