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Greetings Everyone,

Back in Bundaberg!!  We had a dramatic arrival at 7.30am on Monday.  As we approached the dredged channel into the Burnett River with 25 knots of wind and a tide with us and a scrap of jib flying, Phil went to start the engine and NOTHING!  All the way down the channel he tried different ways to activate it to no avail.  We needed to tie up at the quarantine wharf at the Port Marina.  Phil said, “Let’s try it under sail.”  I said, “No way!  We won’t be able to stop with this wind and tide.”  But the captain had his way and managed to luff and fill and finally furl the headsail as we came alongside with a handy yachtie on the dock helping to secure our lines.  All our friends who are sailing savvy are most IMPRESSED.

I was just grateful to be HOME, catching up with friends, eating fresh fruit and veges and with two feet on solid ground.  By the way, the engine problem was a faulty battery switch which is now fixed by the great FIX-IT-ALL CAPTAIN.

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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Maranatha and her hardy crew made landfall in Australia at 7.30am this morning, Thursday 8th October, 2015.

It should be noted that incredibly good seamanship was demonstrated by the crew to come alongside the customs wharf at Bundaberg. The engine failed to start (low battery and in need of a fuel bleed) and they sailed up the wharf. Sounds easy? Anyone who knows how to sail will appreciate what it means when the incoming tide is behind them and also a strong 20 to 25 knot wind is also behind them, and,  you can’t tack or gybe on the Burnett River. How they pulled 15 tonnes up on the jetty, with all that pushing them, is beyond me, but they did it without bending anything. Brilliant seamanship if you ask me.

Since leaving Turkey with the new Maranatha, they have sailed about 18 000 miles.

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