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Greetings Everyone,

A friend recently mentioned that the Admiral’s Updates have been very thin on the ground and he thought it was because I didn’t think you would be interested in what I am growing in my little strip of garden. True. I HAVE enjoyed being in a house again after sixteen years afloat, pottering in the garden, swimming and walking on the beach and being established in the local church.

We had planned to leave earlier for the Louisiades but had the usual round of delays and breakdowns. I went for a routine dental check and ended up with root canal treatment. Then the toaster, vacuum cleaner and DVD player broke down and the car engine developed an intermittant leak, the house sitter who was moving in for the five months we’ll be away couldn’t come. Finally, Phil went for a colonoscopy and they found something and wanted further checks with another fortnight’s wait for the specialist. It sounds like the normal course of life but does it ALL have to happen in the week we plan to leave?

Anyway, Phil has fixed everything broken, we have a new house sitter and Phil’s last medical appointment is an operatin on the 27th and then it look like all being OK.

SO, we plan to leave as soon after that as the wind blows. Please pray for strong westerlies or a not too strong south-easterly and a safe trip.

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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