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Maranatha and her hardy crew made landfall in Australia at 7.30am this morning, Thursday 8th October, 2015.

It should be noted that incredibly good seamanship was demonstrated by the crew to come alongside the customs wharf at Bundaberg. The engine failed to start (low battery and in need of a fuel bleed) and they sailed up the wharf. Sounds easy? Anyone who knows how to sail will appreciate what it means when the incoming tide is behind them and also a strong 20 to 25 knot wind is also behind them, and,  you can’t tack or gybe on the Burnett River. How they pulled 15 tonnes up on the jetty, with all that pushing them, is beyond me, but they did it without bending anything. Brilliant seamanship if you ask me.

Since leaving Turkey with the new Maranatha, they have sailed about 18 000 miles.


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Some time after Maranatha could no longer be seen on the Yotreps system, the Search and Rescue arm of Australian Maritime Safety Authority started making enquiries with a number of people connected with Phil and Pam. We can now all thank Bruce Bentley for getting the most recent and reliable electronic information in relation to the safety of Phil and Pam and Maranatha. Thank you Bruce. Here is his email:

good news ,I have a site called live ships Ais which is part of the ship tracking system world wide for all comercial shippiing and also for pleasure boats if so fitted. maranatha has this facility and I can tell you that maranatha has arrived at a town called Atuona on the island of Hiva,oa in the marquesias . so very good news right on time , perhaps you could let people know.
regards for now


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In response to the Skippers suggestion of using a yacht tracker, Admin have tested it. The above screen shot is taken from my Android phone with the newly installed Boat Watch app.

There are many such apps, on both Apple and Google Play. Some are free, as is Boat Watch, but it pushes for an upgrade to the paid version to get some extra’s such as automatic updates on favourited vessels. In in this case Maranatha has been favourited. I may change apps later, after more research and experience with this app. While I am not recommending this one above any other, it does work, it is free and it is easy to use. I just entered the MMSI number supplied, into the search field and the app took me straight to Naxos, which is where the most recent email (below) puts Maranatha.

I may upgrade to the paid version of this app to receive automatic updates to my phone, or I may change apps. Whichever way I go, I can update the blog in between emails. This will be of particular interest to family and friends as she crosses the Atlantic.

Stay tuned!



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To all friends of the Baileys,

Phil has advised me his laptop has died. He will be chasing up a new one early next week but in the mean time they don’t have email or web. His mobile is working.

As you can imagine they are quite busy at present.

Sam Doyle,

Site Administrator

image of port side of yacht Maranatha high and dry on Oaks Beach

View showing the port side of yacht Maranatha high and dry and with the rudder missing. Photo courtesy of Phil Hogg.

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