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Jelewanga church

Admiral’s Update 2007 No 12

Greetings everyone,

The team came back from Jelewanga very excited. We had started a church there last year with twenty eight people and it had grown to fifty three already. Five of the surrounding eight villages had joined it. They had cleared a large area of land and had erected a building to meet in and were building accommodation for visitors. Over sixty people attended the Relationship Conference with Kingsford and Mark teaching. They told me there was a lot of audience response and one lady jumped up in the middle of the marriage session and said, “Our husbands don’t love us like that!”Two of the team members prayed for a young boy who was paralyzed down one side and hadn’t walked for two years. Immediately he could flex his leg and the next day he walked. They came back on a high.

Meanwhile, back on the boat we had an endless stream of people wanting to know more about Jesus and to have their own Bible. There’s such an openness here and desire to know the truth. There’s also a terrible fear of witchcraft on this island and most families we have talked to have had a family member die of it. It actually reduces the population quite dramatically.

We took a box of the school books we got from the Naracoorte Primary School to the local school here at Griffin Point. It overlooks Snake Passage and is an incredible view from the top of the hill. There are eighty children and three dedicated teachers, all male. Many of the kids have to travel long distances to get to school. They board there and bring the week’s food with them which they prepare themselves and supplement by catching crabs and shell fish and small fish in the mangroves as their only protein. It’s a pretty tough life. Many of them are only seven or eight years old.

Another day we took the inflatable dinghy down a wide river to a beautiful waterfall. We visited several villages on the way. In one we met a wizen old man in his 80’s called Jack. He was very taken with the photo of my father, Jack, and with the size of Phil who he kept saying was a “big man”.We are back in Misima now after an “interesting” trip through a reef passage we hadn’t used before and then a dream sail to Misima. We are preparing for our next set of teachings at Misima starting on Thursday.

God bless you all,

Pam and Phil


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