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Greetings Everyone,

What a great day we’ve had in Syracusa, Sicily!!  The windlass is fixed (before we left Greece).  Phil spent a good hour explaining the Gospel to Mike, the German mechanic who said, “I wish I had more time to spend with you.  I’ve never heard it put like this before.”  He was from East Germany and was brought up as an atheist and had only experienced the Greek Orthodox system here which he had rejected.

Then we set out for a 2.5 day sail to Sicily and actually sailed half the time and tried out wind vane steering which works a treat.

Syracusa is a delight — great open air food markets, always a plus, and a wealth of historic interest.  It is a fortified city with a fortress castle built in 1240AD surrounded by huge city walls all in remarkable condition.  We spent the morning roaming the castle grounds and the old city streets with impressive Byzantine buildings all squashed together.  Then we went to an exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci machines with working models of all the amazing devices he invented and watched a film re-enactment of his life — Amazing!

When we cleared in I showed photos of my “Sicilian” family to a young man and pointed to Enzo saying, “He looks like you.”  “Yes he does”, he said and laughed.  The anchorage is good, the people are friendly, the town picturesque and interesting so we are planning to stay for a week or so before moving on to Malta and then Tunisia.

Wish you could all be here with us — it’s fine and sunny and 30+ degrees.

God bless,

Pam and Phil

PS  Phil forgot to mention in the last update that he always thought Albania was a poor country.  Well in Sarande 75% of the vehicle were Mercedes or BMW’s and late models at that.  All the taxis were Mercedes.


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