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Greetings Everyone,

We are slowly making our way south — very slowly — over a fortnight in Townsville where we had the rigging replaced for insurance purposes; four days in Shute Harbour while Phil went to a reunion in Sydney; a week in Pearl Bay sitting out a 30 knot southerly and rolling abominably; a rough bash through southerlies to Sea Hill and then through the Narrows to Gladstone where we are tied up snug in the marina enjoying a rest and catching up with Bruce and Dianne who also shared ministry in the Louisiades and at one time lived there for ten months.

All this time we have been in company with Geoff and Marina Jansen and their son Scott on a catamaran “Island Home”. We met then very briefly before we left Bundaberg for the Louisiades then caught up with them at Rossel Island. They love the islands and the people and have a great desire to return to serve them. It’s as if we are passing the baton!!

When will we be home? Who knows? The elusive northerlies are as elusive as ever.

Phil is 72 today.

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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Greetings Everyone,

After a rough start, the seas and wind settled down and we did our fastest trip ever back to Townsville — 4.5 days averaging 5.5 knots.

When we arrived we had a very pleasant surprise. The marina people came down to us at the quarantine wharf and asked,”Do you know a man called Guy?” “Yes, Guy Wood.” “Well he’s paid a weeks marina fees so you can have a good rest.”

It was the best gift he could have given us and just what I needed. I am enjoying the still bed, sleeping in, endless hot showers and of course every mouthful of fresh salad, fruit and veges. Phil has been able to get medical treatment for his ulcerated toe before it dropped off. We have been able to catch up with friends. Sunday night we shared our experiences with a small local church run by our friends Patrick and Bernadette Russel who head up Christian Friends of Israel in Australia.

From here we will make our way slowly south as the weather permits. We might stop off somewhere as Phil wants to get to a Narcotics Bureau investigator’s reunion in Sydney in early November.

God bless,

Pam and Phil

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Greetings Everyone,
We’re back in Oz after possibly the roughest trip of our sixteen crossings.  The winds and seas were much rougher than predicted.  Another yacht travelling with us had their sails shredded and limped along under motor to Willis Island to do repairs and to cadge some more fuel.

We’ve had a couple of days in the marina and a trip to Sizzlers thanks to a good friend in Townsville and are now sitting in the duck pond outside the marina (St Vinny’s marina) waiting for the wind to go north so we can go south.  My Mum has rallied somewhat and is going into St Vincents Hospital in Lismore for physio to try and regain mobility to stay at home.  Dad is looking forward to me being there to take the load off his shoulders.

Please pray for the north-easterlies to kick in so we can head off.  Looking forward to catching up with as many of you as possible when we get mobile in the van again.

God bless,

Pam and Phil

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The trip back was a mixed bag.  We started off with hardly any wind, had two days of too strong wind (up to 38 knots) and finished off with just the right wind.  I felt like Goldilocks eating porridge!

As we arrived at Townsville we had three breakages which could have been very awkward for us had they happened earlier.  Firstly a block on the aft runner ( supports the mast where the staysail attaches) broke (it is an almost new one) ( I can imagine the lethal weapon it would have been flying about in the thirty knot winds), then the sheeve at the top of the jib furler broke and then the freezer compressor died.  We only had it replaced before leaving Bundaberg this year.

We are anchored in the Ross River waiting for parts for the furler before we go any further.  We have quite a lot of maintenance to do this year as the doghouse needs replacing as do the house batteries as well as the compressor on the freezer.  Most of these we will do at Bundaberg but will delay our travels south until the New Year.

We’ve had a productive year with Phil setting up the radio communications and surveying the lands for the different local churches; and me teaching Sunday School courses.  We have a great DVD of the Youth Conference which shows the energy and commitment of the young people.

We thank you all for your prayers and look forward to catching up with as many as possible in the New Year.

Have a happy and holy Christmas,

God bless you,

Pam and Phil

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A note from the Administrator:

Maranatha is currently in Townsville. Phil and Pam expect to be there for a couple of months doing maintenance work (see next post) before heading south to Bundaberg.

The site passed the “1000 views” mark over the weekend.

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Admirals Update No. 2

Greetings All,

I think we’ve made the Guiness Book of Records for the slowest trip from Townsville to Samarai. The winds were fickle, the seas were sloppy and confused due to the disturbance on the Australian coast and we had a knot and a half of current against us almost all the way which added over a hundred miles to out trip so that we sailed 600+ miles through the water to do 500 miles over the ground. I think God is trying to teach me patience — and I’m a slow learner.

We cleared Customs at Samarai and scored an overtime fee for arriving on the Queen’s birthday holiday. We then went to Alotau as the plumbing on the sink had broken and we needed to replace a part. When we arrived we had trouble anchoring and took five goes dragging through the soft mud before managing to hook onto a ridge of rock — the approved method so one of the local yachties told us but certainly not our favorite.Now the good news. On the shore waving to us was John Cameron from Kimuta Island; one of the first friends we made in PNG. The first year we were here we collected money for his daughter Miriam to be operated on as she was born with club feet. He was there with her having further physio. He filled us in with all the local news and went with us looking for a part for the sink waste — typically unavailable. Finally an Aussie plumber married to a PNG woman made something up for us and Phil got it working again, hopefully until we can get the correct part from Australia.

The other good news is that a doctor from the church here was going to Port Moresby the next day and offered to take our passports to Bethel so our visas can be renewed. That is a real answer to prayer as everyone told us not to trust the post.We heard about the devastating storm on the NSW Central Coast. If you have any news of the local conditions please e-mail us. We are praying for you as you are for us. The tougher the start, the better it’s going to be we always find.

More later,God bless you all,Pam and Phil

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Admirals Update No.1

Greetings to Everyone,

Yep, the Baileys are still on the planet. Since we returned to Australia in November we have been busy. We had been hoping to buy a second-hand campervan this year as trying to get around to see family and friends by public transport was impossible and the last couple of years we had been blessed with the loan of a vehicle from one of our friends.

As we were sailing south in December we were held up with southerly winds to the extent that at Bundaberg I went shopping and Phil decided to go looking for campervans. He ended up walking for miles and eventually found one that was within our budget and in very good condition so we bought it. We then decided to leave the boat on a mooring at Bundaberg and travel south by campervan. As it turns out, Bundaberg is a very good place to do maintenance on the boat as it has all the facilities we need so we have decided to make it our base. This also saves us the problem of trying to sail south in December and gives us about two extra months to visit people. We have really enjoyed the couple of months we have had there. We had time to get attached to the warm folk at Heritage Christian Church and also to attend the Queensland State Gideon Convention which Bundaberg hosted. The place has a warm country town hospitality and we have LOVED all the local fresh fruit and vegies and Sizzelers.
We were able to visit 56 different lots of people thanks to the van. Unfortunately there were still some that we missed due to time restraints and some being away or sick at the time. We will make up for that next time.

We spent a couple of months working on the boat at Bundaberg before slipping it in mid May and then had a good 72 hour trip to Airlie Beach with 15-20 knots behind us. We stopped here to pick up some equipment to take to PNG and while we were here Phil discovered a problem with the engine salt water/fresh water heat exchanger. God’s timing is good, it so happens that we have a Christian friend here who has a business doing mechanical repairs on the yacht charter boats. He has very generously looked after the repairs for us.

We collected an enormous quantity of goods, more than the van could handle and Warren Jolly kindly freighted them up to Bundaberg for us through his business. We have several hundred Bibles (& eight more boxes to pick up at Townsville), three boxes of school books, 72 pairs of reading glasses, a large box of assorted hand tools, study Bibles to equip church leaders,two guitars and heaps of guitar strings, ten tambourines, a box of flannel-graph pictures, children’s clothing, dishes and pots for the Bible college at Rossel and probably some other stuff that I will rediscover when we unpack. Then there is the huge quantity of food we take for the next six months. Phil does his own “nibbles” and has secreted them in hidyholes all over the boat like a squirrel with its nuts and will no doubt find many pleasant surprises as time progresses.

We are now just passing Bowen on our way to Townsville to clear Customs and then OFF!! Please pray for a safe and smooth ocean crossing for us and for Des and Merleen, another Coastlands boat heading for Vanuatu at this time. Many thanks to you all for connecting with us. More from PNG when we get there.

God bless you all,

Phil and Pam

PS You will note above that we have a web page — thanks to Sam Doyle one of our friends on the Central Coast who is into that sort of thing.

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