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Greetings Everyone,

Maranatha is safely moored back in Iluka .. well at least most of it is safe. Not the hard dinghy. We were anchored in the river at Bundaberg .. a fatal place for us .. and at 3.30 in the morning someone crept up and untied our hard dinghy (and motor) from the back of the boat and roared off towing it up the river. Phil woke up in time to see them torch it and release it in a ball of flames to drift past us and into the bank. He contacted the police the next morning and while filling out a report with them they told us the same people stole two other dinghies and attempted to take one from inside the marina. Ours was the only one burnt .. a charred mass and a blackened outboard with only our name visible on the stern. So if anyone knows of a seven foot hard dinghy with outboard going cheap …

We will be going to Sydney in November as Phil has to have a check-up on his eye and will visit family and friends on the way.

Keep praying for us .. we obviously need it.

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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Anchored at Galatas opposite Poros Island in Greece.  Probably heading for the Corinth Canal tomorrow.




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Greetings Everyone,

Sheena was found wandering near the police station at 4am on Monday morning.  She appears to bo unharmed but was taken to the hospital for a check-up.

Her family and all the church are rejoicing and ask us to pass on their heartfelt thanks for your prayers and e-mails.  Please continue to pray that any evil that has been done to her will have no permanent effect.

God bless you all,

Pam and Phil

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Greetings All,

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I finish teaching at the Bible College and I want to share with you an encounter I had with Maureen, one of the students here. It shows how spiritually attuned these people are to what God is saying to them. From the beginning I had felt for Maureen, she was different from the others. She had a young child with her who distracted her from her lessons at times but I could also sense some hurt that had destroyed her self-confidence. She would go to answer a question and then say “No” and drop her head as if she felt it couldn’t be the right answer. Phil spoke on the “Fear of the Lord” on Sunday and Maureen went out for prayer. I prayed for her and God gave me the verse from James 4:8a for her — “Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.” I prayed that over her and wanted to talk to her further alone — not easy in their culture.

A few days later I was starting my session at 8am — the first session for the day — and went in a little early. No one was in the classroom but Maureen. I went and sat down with her and shared that verse and told her God cared for her and was available to her in every part of her life. She told me she had had a vision of my face (no comments please!) and God told her I had something for her and she had to come early that morning to receive it. She told me something of her life. She had other children but her husband had left her and taken them only leaving the youngest with her and she was struggling with feelings of rejection and inadequacy. I have a real connection with Maureen now. She hugs me and is more confident in my classes.

I was touched by this whole incident — God’s care for her and her simple trust that I had something for her and I was greatful that He had lead me there at the right time and I hadn’t let her down.

We leave here Wednesday. Pray for us that the anchor will come up. The weather has been atrocious and the chain has wrapped around a bombie and has been growling at us for a week. We’ve had fun going ashore in the dinghy also as the strong winds keep blowing us against the exposed coral at low tide and the current is sometimes stronger than the rower. All good fun…

God bless you all,

Pam and Phil

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Greetings All,

We are becoming more and more impressed with the dedication and commitment of the Christians here in Rossel. Since we were here last year:-
Pambwa has grown from a very new fellowship to an established church with more than twenty adult members.
Three new outreaches have been started (Morpa, Abelety, Walonga Bay).
Five more are being targeted (Pom, Jingo, East Point). These places are miles apart. Rossel Island is roughly twenty miles long by fifteen wide and the outreaches are now forming a complete circle around it.

There are four small teams in operation “Follow-up”, training and church planting. We sailed everyone to Yonga Bay on Thursday. They then went over a near vertical mountain on a path slippery as glass after the rain we’ve had, down the other side, across a creek, some to continue half a day’s paddle in a canoe and the furthest another full day’s travel by canoe and walking. All this carrying their packs plus lots of Bibles, books, guitars and food. They will be away about two weeks.

The people they are visiting are hugely responsive and soaking up the teaching. They are so isolated, for many it is their first real exposure to the gospel. Sigi said some are very poor and embarrassed not to have enough plates and cutlery for their visitors. They actually cut an old buoy in two to make two extra plates at one place they visited earlier this year. They have taken clothing we brought to share with them (thank-you Iluka Op-shop ladies).

Meanwhile we have remained at Yonga Bay and I am doing 1 1/2 weeks teaching at the small Bible college. I’m teaching an overview of the Bible structured around the covenants. It’s proving very interesting and the students are a delight to teach. Phil did such a good job at preaching last Sunday that he’s on again tomorrow and the following week. As it is three different venues, he’s using the same sermon on “The Fear of the Lord” which we believe is a vital message for today. We are also involved in prayer meetings and have joined the college students in “door-knocking” (interesting when most people spend a lot of the day under their houses) at nearby (ie about 1+ hours walk away) villages — quite a more favourable response than you would get at home.

We’ve certainly been kept busy with sailing (we’ve had three trips to other outreaches on the island) for the team to do teaching and preaching but it is no hardship but a joy to see the church growing in leaps and bounds and the enemy defeated. The big need is for trained leaders and plans are under way to send several of the new leaders and potential leaders to Bible College each year.

The people here are very generous and have kept us well supplied with yams (to Phil’s delight!); paw paws; fresh water prawns and even a block of sago flour wrapped in banana leaves. I’m still learning how to cook it — tried some biscuits which flopped, boiled them up, which helped, and made sago lemon jelly which was really nice.

Please add to your prayers “Special Effects”, another Coastlands yacht with Ernie, Marilyn and Paul on board. They are heading for Bouganville and are having a difficult crossing and also Sai-loi, the Bible College principal here, called away yesterday because his mother is on the point of death.

We will be showing another group the “China” video tomorrow night on board. We will probably get eight or nine and when the word gets around we will be showing it to groups most nights while we are here. That is about the number that can comfortably sit in the cabin and see the computer screen.

God bless you all,

Pam and Phil.

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Greetings All,

This will be an unusual update. We are working at Rossel Island at the extreme eastern part of PNG. Last night when we returned from some ministry on a smaller island about five miles away the pastor at Damunu where we are based at Rossel came out with the following unsolicited letter. I thought I would send it to you exactly as written, except for the bracketed parts with “Phil” in them.



In 1995 Pastor Philip received a word from the Lord that we (the church) was going to have a connection with International ministry. Other brothers in the Lord also confirmed this. But they didn’t understand how this ministry will start. In 2002 a message came and reached us with the strong warning that “be careful when going to “the yautch’s”, because there’s a red yautch that takes the heart of man. Praise God this was the beginning of the International Yautch ministry. “Our fears of the red yautch taking the heart of man has turned to blessing to where strong relationships have being built in the Lord” with the International Ministry. We are so thankful for the Lord leading yous to the Louisiades and especially being part of us in the Rossel Islands.


1 The International Yautch Ministry – MARANATHA & PACIFIC MERCY have helped so much in the Louisiades and to the Rossel Islands. We have also used MV Damunu 2 (a local trading boat, Phil), dinghies and canoes too work under your ministry. Praise God you’ve being a great help to us.

2 BIBLES AND STUDY BIBLES – were distributed in Local Churches and those who wanted one around the island. Also others who came across our way like teachers and health workers also to the visiting yautchs.

3 TEACHING BOOKS, DAILY BREAD AND OTHER MAGAZINES: were also given to people in Local Churches another people who needed them. They wanted more and we had to give out to them whenever they asked. There’s still more needs, people find these booklets very helpful.

4 OTHER BOOKS ARE KEPT HERE because we are building a library this year (ie a supply of Christian books in the pastor’s house, Phil). So people who want to read can come and read books. We will have times for library. We once had time for reading after church, especially the young people.

5 VIDEO MINISTRY has drawn people to watch gospel films. It is a helpful way in presenting the gospel. Other outreaches open are also waiting to watch videos.

6 CLOTHES & EYEGLASSES were also distributed to local church members and the new outreaches especially to those who needed.

7 Colman (pressure kerosene lamps, Phil) is used to provide light during camps and conferences in the local church and we use it at times at the centre.

8 Canvas and ropes – We being useful to use when going for outreaches. Covering the bags and lines for hanging clothes.

9 Tools and Chainsaw. We are building a furniture house (ie an open space under the floor of the pastor’s house, which is on a steep slope, where they can do their carpentry work, Phil). We will make forms, for sitting, pulpits, tables. These is where we will use the tools.

10 SUNDAY SCHOOL MATERIALS are useful in the children’s ministry. Those of us who went for training at Galowa (that was the RE teacher’s conference Pam ran two years ago, Phil) have already ran three (3) courses so far. The big picture books were very helpful. The teachers who attended the courses were so much blessed. The last one we had at Pem all the teachers had turns in teachers.

11 TAPE MINISTRY: Bible in cassette ministry, cassette with recorded songs plus the winding tape.
We have used these in tape ministry. It is a blessing to many. We are learning new song and also there’s creative dances where are looking forward teaching them to young people.

Books such as Voice of Martyrs, calenders and VOM Prayer Map and Operation World. All the books have helped us so much in bringing information of what is happening in the world, especially when praying for the nations of the world. We did not know where to get these sort of informations. We also used some of these pictures on the notice board. We have received some more this year where we will distribute them to the other local churches. And we are looking forward to building World Mission Office for Rossel Island (this is not a building but a room in a native built house,Phil) Local Churches and individuals from other denominations who want to involve in missions. Thank you so much for the great help towards us.

Pambwa declared as a local church Morpa will be declared when the building put up (the building are made from bush timber with thatched roofs, Phil).
Pu-uaba a family
Jelewanga (Sudest Island)
We are still looking as God continues to open doors for ministry.

BRIEF HISTORY. We are also thankful for the brief history of how the CRC Church were planted and who brought the gospel to these people. It’s great so those following later years will have a fare idea of how the churches were planted.

15 ORDINATION – Last year we had 3 pastors ordained in their own Local Churches. Ps Philip,Ps Sailoya, Ps Joel. And the people know their pastors are. That was great. Thanks a lot to you all: Phil and Pem plus Bruce and Dianah and also a big thanks goes to those who are supporting yous in this ministry. You’ve being a real blessing. Praise God.

Ps Philip – Rossel Island.”

It is very humbling to get a letter such as this. As many of you who receive our newsleters contributed either prayerfully or materially I thought you might like to read it. Pam will do an Admiral’s Update later.

An interesting thing about the village of Abelety – the head man there has been very resistant to the gospel coming into his village. However, the village has had a belief, handed down for a number of generations, that one day a red yacht will come to their village and bring them good news. As a result they would be blessed in many ways; health, crops, knowledge, etc.

Since they have heard that the red yacht has come to Rossel Island and the people from the yacht are visiting the villages with the good news the head man has softened and asked Pastor Sigi and his people to come to them with the gospel. We will be going there in a couple of weeks time if the weather permits.

God bless you all,

Phil and Pam

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Greetings All,

We have been a week at Misima, the main island in the Louisiades, waiting for a team to come together so we can do outreach first in Woodlark, 100 miles to the north and then in Rossel 100 miles to the east. Communications are a major problem here. One person tells us that three men are coming by trading boat from Alatou on the mainland of PNG and will be here this week, Another said they won’t be ready for another month so go to Rossel and come back for them later. We are waiting until after the weekend then going with whoever is here, weather permitting. So far the weather has been pretty awful for sailing.

Meanwhile we have had some interesting encounters. We went to church on Sunday and heard Kingsford preach a powerful message. It was good to see the funds to send him to Bible College had been so worthwhile. He is also taking mid week classes to train his people for evangelism. The other Bible College graduate, Lawrence, is coming with us to Woodlark so we will get to see him in action also before too long.

We had a meeting with the chief police inspector to discuss the closure of Misima as a clearance port. He wanted a copy of the e-mail we had sent to the Port Moresby customs re this matter and is going to chase up the business people in Misima to further the protest from their end. During our discussion he told us his testimony; how he had been a corrupt policeman, a womanizer, a drunkard and a thief and an elder in his church at the same time. He was converted and realized the need to live a holy life and many others have testified to us of the change in this man. He attends the PNG Revival Fellowship and he and his wife have been to the Gold Coast in Australia for a conference. He had us amused describing their terror in attempting to cross the road and deciding to do whatever the people around them did. He also told us how strange they found the food and how they asked their host to cook them some rice and sweet potato. I mention this man’s story to illustrate the situation of many people here, they regularly attend church but there is no evidence of a Christian lifestyle until they are challenged to a personal commitment to Jesus. They have a veneer of Christianity but not a life-giving faith. That is why we are here. Keep praying that we may have opportunities to present the full truth of the Gospel. Pray also for safe travel to Woodlark, our first time to this reef-strewn area; for good weather (so far we’ve had strong winds and lots of rain); for good health for us and the crew — our sores are healing but still tender and malaria is very prevalent this year.

Through all things we are trusting our God. He brought us here. “The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it”. 1Thes 5:24.

For our Gideon friends we have had a constant stream of people down to the yacht — now identified throughout the Louisiades as the boat with the Bibles — requesting a Bible. There is a tremendous hunger for the Word of God and a desire to go deeper. Praise God for this openness.

God bless you all,

Pam and Phil

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