Greetings Everyone,

Please Pray. We are still facing constant frustration over our ongoing insurance claim. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster for us. The marina has submitted impossibly high claims, topping $175,000 for the repairs. The insurance company is not happy with that but not wanting to pay us out either and trying to reduce the costs on both fronts. We were told unofficially two weeks ago that it had been written off so we started looking for alternatives, then yesterday that there has been no decision.

We are torn between wanting Maranatha repaired and back in the water — the damage though expensive is not that bad and should be repaired — or alternatively buying an Australian registered boat in Turkey (the wife died and the husband wants to sell) and sail it home via the Panama and the Pacific. It is almost identical to Maranatha and fitted out exactly as we would need for our work and we would be happy to go that way. A new “problem” is that if we buy it overseas, even though it is an Australian boat we have to pay about 15% impost duty when we arrive. All we want is a final outcome, a just settlement, a good boat which meets our ministry needs and God’s direction on which way to go.

Keep praying.

God bless,

Pam and Phil

Greetings Everyone,

We’ve hit an obstacle as regards boat repairs. In order to make access to weld in the new metal plating on the starboard side the three water tanks and the fuel tank have to come out. They are securely fixed under the floor boards with all the saloon area furnishing securely fixed on top. It’s quite a major work and the marina is quoting 500 hours at $100 an hour just for the labour on that and a further $60,000 for the metal work. The trouble is there is no competition for the marina and after the flood they have miles of work.

The assessor has gone to negotiate prices with them and we are going to see if a builder friend in Bundy can tackle the task at a much lower cost. Please pray for the whole situation and for us as to how to proceed. We have looked at some other boats for sale and it’s hard to find a steel boat in good condition fitted out to our needs and (not) just for luxury cruising.

We will keep you informed.

God bless,

Pam and Phil

Greetings Everyone,

Hallelujah!! The assessor has just passed our boat as REPAIRABLE in spite of the dire predictions we were getting. We see God’s hand on us; keeping Maranatha out of the flooded river and then high on the rocks so no water damage occurred inside. So many boats are written off because the sand and water inside the boat ruins all the furniture and electrical and electronic equipment. A large schooner on the hard next to us has just been written off even though it was insured for $400,000 as it had been flooded with water.

We have some rather too graphic photos and video of Maranatha’s course leaving the anchorage, collecting the channel marker and going up on the rocks. We will eventually get some of it on our web page when we get time to send it to the webmaster. Thankyou for praying for us.

God bless,

Pam and Phil

Greetings Everyone,

We provided entertainment for the whole community last Wednesday with Maranatha’s dramatic salvage. Firstly a 200 ton capacity crane was attached to the stern and an excavator to the bow and they “walked” her about twenty metres over the rocks often at quite step angles and then the crane lifted the masts off. Then the boat was lifted up and over the top of the trees and the toilet block and deposited on a truck.

The inside is quite dry and untouched — the big damage is virtually all on the starboard side with much of the plating below the waterline badly buckled. There is one gash a few inches long on the port side above the water line where it collected a solid channel marker on its way out of the river. The rudder is missing and the davits and safety rails are damaged. Never-the-less, Phil is quite impressed that none of his welds gave way.

The next two days Phil and I spent removing our belongings — about seventy boxes full which we have stored in a friend’s shed. Today we put in a crime report for looting, about $4500 worth — annoying but nothing of sentimental value.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our big prayer need. It is borderline whether the insurance will pay for the repairs or write the boat off. This is mainly due to the fact that Phil did too good a job of the internal fit-out and it will be a big job to remove it so they can oxy out the damaged hull plating. Most production boats have the internals in modular form and are easy to remove. We would really like to have the boat back!!

Please pray for favour with the assessor and the marina people and that they will agree to repair it at a reasonable price.

God bless,

Pam and Phil

Greetings Everyone,

Our van is perched above a rocky cove near Burnett Heads and we look down upon Maranatha washed up high on the rocks near Oaks Beach. The boat is dry inside and has no large holes though possibly a crack underneath hidden by the rocks. The rudder is gone. There are two main problems we would like you to pray for.

Firstly the salvage process. The boat is midway between the water and the cliff and awkward to extract by either route. We should find out today (Monday) or Tuesday how they are going to do it.

The second problem is whether our insurance will cover the extensive repairs as the inside lining will need to be removed and new steel plating welded on the starboard side. Phil and I both feel confident that Maranatha will be salvaged safely and repaired.

Thanks to all those that have e-mailed and texted us with support. That is greatly appreciated.

God bless,

Pam and Phil

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To all friends of the Baileys,

Phil has advised me his laptop has died. He will be chasing up a new one early next week but in the mean time they don’t have email or web. His mobile is working.

As you can imagine they are quite busy at present.

Sam Doyle,

Site Administrator

image of port side of yacht Maranatha high and dry on Oaks Beach

View showing the port side of yacht Maranatha high and dry and with the rudder missing. Photo courtesy of Phil Hogg.

Skipper now onsite

Phil and Pam are now onsite, in their campervan parked in sight of the vessel. A lot of gear has been thrown around inside. This is due to the storm only, there has been no looting of Maranatha. They have removed as much gear as possible and stored it with their good friend Phil Hogg. The Loss Assessor has sent a salvage crew to the site who have spoken to Phil about the recovery operation. That is expected to start next week with a 200 tonne crane and low loader. They intend to remove the masts prior to the recovery.

She has a long tear in the steel on the port side just above the waterline and despite having that side in the water while being thrown about on the beach (see the news video) she is relativley dry inside. We suspect that is because the automatic bilge pumps have been working. Also the batteries are fully charged and most of the electrics still work with the anchor lights coming on automatically on dusk.

More news as we get it.

image of stern damage to maranatha

Stern view of yacht maranatha on the beach after the bundaberg flood of 2013. Photo courtesy of Phil Hogg.

This link shows footage of yacht Maranatha aground on Oaks Beach, just south of the mouth of the Burnett River. The video goes to the online Bundaberg newspaper News Mail. It runs for 2:44.

Due to technical limitations we can provide a link only. We are not able to embed the video at this time.