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Admirals Update No.3

Greetings Everyone,We are settling into island life! Oh well, there is always tomorrow! Since leaving Alotau we’ve been making our way slowly east against the wind and the current and the unpredictable weather patterns — no wind to 40 knots in ten minutes!– and exploring some new anchorages on the way.

Some of them are definitely God appointments and we really must learn not to run ahead of Him. At a beautiful STILL bay called Kana Kopi we met a team of men campaigning for the government elections to be held at the end of the month. Two of them came on board, the older Mesigai (said Messy Guy)strong in his faith and Douglas,the younger disillusioned and backslidden. We went through a lot of Scriptures together and really challenged that young man especially as to the eternal significance of his decision.

At our next anchorage on Basilaki Island, my heart went out to a young man called Sai who had completed grade 11 at school but was unable to do grade 12 as his stepfather said he couldn’t afford the school fees. Sai wanted to study to make something of his life and help his people and was bitterly disappointed. We told him God made each person unique and had a purpose in life for each which is worth while and fulfilling and left him with a Bible of his own to read and a fresh spring in his step.

We are now at Pana Pom Pom, an island in the Louisiades and are having a constant stream of visitors. Rob, the 23yr old brother of the COC pastor on this island brought a message to us and stayed all morning talking. I discovered he wasn’t a Christian, challenged him and asked him if he wanted more time to think or if he wanted to commit his life to Jesus and to “walk the narrow road” (Mat. 7:13-14). He said he was ready now and went home rejoicing. These people are hungry! Wherever we go they come out to talk about God, to ask for a Bible and to open their hearts. Keep praying, the doors are wide open!

We have arranged to go to church with our friends on Panaeati Island (five miles away by sailing canoe or dinghy) on Sunday. It is difficult to get there as the water is too shallow for us and there are not many vessels going that way. They could see the yacht from their island and came across on Tuesday to see us. It costs them about $25 in fuel to do the round trip.

Since we got to this anchorage the weather has been very hot and humid and not a breath of wind — a little different to what you seem to be getting on the east coast of Australia.

God bless you all,

Pam and Phil


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Admirals Update No. 2

Greetings All,

I think we’ve made the Guiness Book of Records for the slowest trip from Townsville to Samarai. The winds were fickle, the seas were sloppy and confused due to the disturbance on the Australian coast and we had a knot and a half of current against us almost all the way which added over a hundred miles to out trip so that we sailed 600+ miles through the water to do 500 miles over the ground. I think God is trying to teach me patience — and I’m a slow learner.

We cleared Customs at Samarai and scored an overtime fee for arriving on the Queen’s birthday holiday. We then went to Alotau as the plumbing on the sink had broken and we needed to replace a part. When we arrived we had trouble anchoring and took five goes dragging through the soft mud before managing to hook onto a ridge of rock — the approved method so one of the local yachties told us but certainly not our favorite.Now the good news. On the shore waving to us was John Cameron from Kimuta Island; one of the first friends we made in PNG. The first year we were here we collected money for his daughter Miriam to be operated on as she was born with club feet. He was there with her having further physio. He filled us in with all the local news and went with us looking for a part for the sink waste — typically unavailable. Finally an Aussie plumber married to a PNG woman made something up for us and Phil got it working again, hopefully until we can get the correct part from Australia.

The other good news is that a doctor from the church here was going to Port Moresby the next day and offered to take our passports to Bethel so our visas can be renewed. That is a real answer to prayer as everyone told us not to trust the post.We heard about the devastating storm on the NSW Central Coast. If you have any news of the local conditions please e-mail us. We are praying for you as you are for us. The tougher the start, the better it’s going to be we always find.

More later,God bless you all,Pam and Phil

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