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Greetings Everyone,

I find it hard to believe but we are actually here in Turkey sitting in our new “Maranatha” at last.

The flights, Qantas to Hong Kong, Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and then to Dalaman, a 100 km bus trip to Marmaris and a twenty km ride taxi to the marina gave us almost forty hours of travel since we left and a rather exhausting time waiting in between flights. However, in Istanbul we met an interesting young man from Croatia who had been studying in Japan and had met a Chinese young lady there whom he wants to marry. We had a long talk with him and gave him a Gideon Testament which he promised to read as he said “our meeting seemed to be a co-incidence”.

Turkey is hot — 30-38 degrees each day and we are reveling in being warm and swimming every afternoon in the beautiful free pool at the marina. It’s 25 mtrs long and usually only three or four people are there when we get there. Food is fantastic. We went to the marina restaurant on our first night and ordered chicken in cream sauce with a salad. We were served with Turkish bread and olives for entree and then two huge plates of food and there was no way I could finish mine so they gave me a doggie bag to take back to the boat — all for the price of about $13 each.

Yesterday we went into town on the bus to provision and had lunch outside a small cafe with our own personal fan — salad, fresh orange juice and Turkish bread all for $6.50 each. It’s my sort of food and tastes delicious.

The boat is great — but leaving me with mixed emotions. It feels so like our old boat and yet is different — so pulls me back to the past and on to the future. Phil is wiring up the new chart plotter and I’m going through ALL the lockers and finding out what is here and writing notes.

We plan to go in the water the first week in September and can’t wait to be afloat and go exploring.

God bless,

Pam and Phil.


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Greetings Everyone,

Ugly! Throbbing! Painful! No not my leg — our faces. Phil and I have just completed the Efudix treatment to remove the pre-cancerous sun spots on our faces and we’ve put it on the “never-to-do-again” list. I’ve also had two small basal cells cut off my other leg this week. This is the last of the skin cancer treatments and we are ready (almost) for ACTION.

Meanwhile, Phil has been busy doing the paper-work involved in buying the new boat — cancelling the old boat rego, registering the new one, changing the name and port of registration details, changing radio call-signs and EPIRB and MMSI details, insurance — the paperwork is unbelievable!!

We leave my Dad’s (Brunswick Heads) next Monday for the Central Coast and then plan to fly to Turkey on the 14th August.

It is too late in the season for our original sail plan so the new one is to put the boat in the water, get used to sailing it and enjoy Turkey and the Greek Islands for a few weeks and then put it back up on the hard-stand and return to Australia for the Northern winter. Then in February 2014 we will return to our original plan to sail back to Australia via the Caribbean, Panama, Pacific route arriving in Australia in late 2015.

Sorry it’s so long since the last update but watching skin grow isn’t terribly newsworthy.

“Hoscakal” — that’s Turkish for “see you later”.

God bless,

Pam and Phil

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