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Greetings Everyone, Happy New Year!! I wonder what 2012 will bring? We did a quick trip down to Brunswick Heads to have Christmas with my Mum and Dad but decided to return to Bundaberg and tackle the long list of jobs now. We are planning our annual trek south later in the season — possibly late February and most of March. Where to leave the boat safely is a problem. At the moment we are on anchor near the head of the Burnett River. We’ve been investigating possibilities for next year and have found a place on the Mary River near Marybourgh where we can haul out and stay on the hard for virtually the same price as we were paying on the moorings and a lot safer from the floods and strong currents. Our son and his family from Naracoorte look like moving up to NSW so we won’t be doing the long trek down there. We will miss the many friends we have made in that region over the years but not the hours of driving. The boat is rapidly filling up with stores. Pray for boat safety as we leave it on anchor this year to go south and for wisdom for Phil in the multitude of repair jobs he is wading through. I painted the cockpit during a gale with the boat sideways to the waves and rolling like crazy — I probably need prayer for wisdom as also. Great to have you “on board” for another year. God bless, Pam and Phil


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