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Greetings Everyone,

Still here!!  Still waiting!!

The new furler is on its way — should be here this afternoon and put on tomorrow.  The new sail is being made, the radar has been fixed — it was knocked skew-whiff by the runaway furler — and the new steaming light would have been here except someone sent it by ordinary post instead of express post.  After Phil reminded them that he had paid for empress post they said they would send another one straight away — it should be here today.

Sunday was SPECIAL.  We got together with some other Christians and organised an Easter Celebration at the marina.  We all took a part; one lady played the clarinet, I did a flannel graph presentation and Phil spoke on Mark 8:27-33 — Jesus’ challenge to the disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”  We really felt a connection with the world-wide body of Christ.  On our own it’s not the same.

We feel more hopeful now that things are under way and HOPE to get away in a couple of weeks.  BUT “manana” seems the rule of thumb here so we’re not counting on it.  Oh well — more swimming, more monkeys more books — ho, hum …

God bless,

Pam and Phil


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